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The earliest records currently available of Barbarases in France date to the first half of the 17th century. Our history before that time remains unknown though there are some intriguing possibilities primarily centered on the fact that the name appears to be of Greek origin and that there was an ancient Roman town named Barbaras.The theories put forth below are intended to promote a discussion of the origins of the name, Barbaras. I invite people to send me any facts and theories that you might have on this topic.
It is generally believed that the use of surnames in Western Europe is a relatively modern phenomenom. Surnames evolved, as villages grew in size, from the need to differentiate people having the same single name. Thus, various "Davids" probably became "David on the hill", "David the baker", or "David from the neighboring village".

During the Middle Ages, there was a town east of Avignon named Barbaras and it is theorized here that the village of Barbaras is the first known origin of our ancestors.
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