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Larry Barbaras
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Many of you have historical, family, or current personal information that would be interesting to other Barbarases. I would greatly appreciate copies of any historical documents, records, or photos, more information about your family tree, corrections to data already posted, questions etc. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Here are some guidelines:
  • Currently, following generally accepted guidelines for such work, I am only including the names of living people on the family tree diagrams when those people have given me written permission to do so.
  • Indicate to me which, if any, information like names and birthdates that can be posted on the Web site
  • If you want to have your own listing in the "People" section, indicate to me what information you would like to post. I can also post any text that you would like to write, photos, documents etc.
  • New family tree data will be forwarded to Vincent Barbaras who is the keeper of the central database