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Emigration #2, 1847; Ostheim to Long Grove, Illinois then Minnesota
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Divorce: George Barbaras & Harriet Vandawarker
Reprinted from the Hastings Gazette, 13 Feb 1892
Mr. George Barbaras, of this city, was granted an absolute divorce from Mrs. Harriet Barbaras, his wife, by Judge F.M. Crosby last Saturday, the grounds being cruel treatment. They were married in Chicago Feb. 11th, 1856, and have two grown up daughters. The plaintiff's age is fifty-nine years and the defendant's sixty. The defendant was awarded the homestead on Vermillion Street, an insurance policy of $1,000 in the Connecticut Mutual, and $250 per year during life as alimony. The latter has $5,000 in her own right. Hodgson & Schaller for plaintiff, M.H. Sullivan for the defense..