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Emigration #2, 1847; Ostheim to Long Grove, Illinois then Minnesota
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The second and third of four siblings emigrating from Ostheim arrived in New York City on July 19, 1847. A 41 year old weaver named George Barbaras came with two sons, one daughter, and his 33 year old sister, Barbara Barbaras to join his older brother, Jacob, in Long Grove, Illinois. The last sibling would arrive in 1853. In 1861, George left for Wheeling Township, Minnesota. He brought with him his daughter Ellen Marie (Magdelena), his son George and wife, and his brother Jacob's grandson, Charles Bollenbach. George Jr. became a prominent lawyer and banker in Hastings, Minnesota. Carol-Jean Boevers has uncovered a number of interesting written accounts of Barbarases and other early settlers of Wheeling. There are no descendants from this emigration bearing the Barbaras name.

Bollenbach Branch
Knauss Branch
Ellen Marie Barbaras, the daughter of George Barbaras the elder, married Frederick Knauss. The Knauss line has a number of other researchers compiling data for it.

Published Accounts