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"Ostheim 1945 - 1995"
Published by the Village of Ostheim
by Bernard CHASSEUIL, Mayor of Ostheim
Sir, Madame,

Fifty years ago, while the war was over in most of the rest of French territory, the last battle which was to totally liberate our area - the Battle of the Pocket of Colmar - was reducing Ostheim to rubble.

It's the ruin of this martyr that we are going to commemorate on January 22, 1945.

The documents of this booklet, which retrace, for our village, this sad time, have been patiently assembled by Mr. Monsieur Jean-Jacques STRUM, Municipal Council member, and witness to certain events during that time.

The Municipality wanted to offer this to you, so that it would remain, particularly for the young, testimony to the suffering of our elders.