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Guy Barbaras
~1947 - July 6, 2004
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I first learned of Guy Barbaras after he placed a telephone call to my brother David, whose name he found in the San Francisco telephone book during a 1991 vacation in California. In the next few years, Guy shared with my family an array of information including the birth certificate of my émigré great-grandfather, a diagram of the family tree dating back to the early 1600s, all sorts of historical and genealogical data, and the first contact for another American Barbaras family. In the days before the World Wide Web and computerized telephone books, this was remarkable information. His charts became the foundation for my own interest in genealogy and have proved invaluable for my work in the United States.

Guy is descended from the Catholic branch of Barbarases in the city of Henridorff, in the Lorraine region of France. His closest relations in the United States are the descendants of the 5th emigration, that of Nicolas Barbaras.