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Kidd & Co.

Antecendents to Albert Kidd, Sr.

 Daniel Kidd (? - ?) (Great Great Great-Grandfather of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)
Notes from David Kidd, January 2010
We are now back to 1716 with Daniel Kidd. Looks like he may be the emigrant from across the pond. Another update is that Nathaniel Evans Kidd (1740) is confirmed to be the brother or our Benjamin Kidd (1753) through DNA testing.

 Thomas Kidd (1716 - ?) (Great Great-Grandfather of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)

 Benjamin Kidd (1753-1806) (Great-Grandfather of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)
Notes from David Kidd, September 2009
Benjamin Kidd (1753) and his brother Joseph Kidd (1750) are buried in the Christ Union Cemetery in Schoenersville, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. The cemetery is located directly across the street from the Lehigh Valley International airport. It is my understanding that the property owned by Joseph Kidd (1750) is now part of the airport. Their father Thomas Kidd (1714?) lived and died in Northampton County (Craig's Settlement) about 10 miles north of Schoenersville. I was up there last month and went through 3 cemeteries without any luck. Either the headstones are missing, deteriorated or he was buried somewhere else. I also checked out the cemetery at Abington, Montgomery, Pennsylvania where Thomas (1714?) was baptized and there are not any Kidds buried in this cemetery. A few years back, I went through 3 cemeteries around Hilltown, Bucks, Pennsylvania without any luck.
 Benjamin Valentine Kidd (1833 - ) (Father of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)  Martha Lockling, Hornelsville, NY (Mother of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)  Mary Healey Clark, Hornelsville, NY (Stepmother of Albert Eugene Kidd Sr.)
Benjamin Valentine Kidd married Mary Healey Clark as his second wife and adopted her son, D. Healy Clark who grew up as a brother to Albert Eugene Kidd Sr. and Winfield Kidd. D. Healy Clark married Eloise A.(?), became a probate judge in Michigan, and they had two children, Ruth and Charrie, seen in the photos below.
 Elvira Stuart Davis (Mother of Inez Davis) & Davis Family
Primary Generation
Albert Eugene Kidd, Sr. & Inez Alice Davis

Second Generation: First Child
Albert Eugene Kidd, Jr.
 Daughter: Geraldine  Son: Harlan  Son: David
Second Generation: Second Child
Ednah Kidd

Second Generation: Third Child
George Wilson Kidd
 Son Robert W.  Son George W.
Second Generation: Fourth Child
Harold Frank Kidd

Second Generation: Fifth Child
Louise Dorothy Alice Kidd (h. Glen Fry)
Notes from David Kidd, September 2009
Louise Dorothy Alice Kidd (Ellie's mother) apparently was married between 1920 and 1928 and went out to California. It is believed she was married in Chicago. She was in a few silent films in California during this time. She divorced, went back to Illinois and married Ephram Glen Fry.