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Entered This Day May 26, 1937
Jean Barbaras or Barbaroux, as the name was spelled at that time was born at Marseille, France [ed.: not accurate, born in Ostheim, France; it is unlikely that Barbaroux was ever used] about 1780 [ed.: 1773]. He served in the Napoleonic Campaign in Egypt from 1800 - 1801.

He was married sometime later to a young lady of Alsace Lorraine [ed.: married Catherine Ludwig, 28-Mar-1804, Ostheim]. A son, Sebastian Barbaras, was born to them who later married a young German girl named Miss Froelich that was sometime in the early part of 1800 [ed.: married Catherine Froelich, 12-Oct-1820, Ostheim].

From this union there were six children, one of them John Barbaras. By this time the French o-u-x was dropped from the name Barbaroux in favor of a-s. John Barbaras in Alsace Lorraine in 1820. He married Magdeline Specht in 1844 [ed.: 12-May-1846, Ostheim, 68]. Magdeline Specht was born at Alsace Lorraine in 1822. Nine children were born to this couple, 8 boys and 1 girl, two dying in infancy.

The third child of this family, my father David, was born on October 3rd 1852 [ed.: later crossed out and changed to 1851] at Alsace Lorraine. On March 1, 1879 he was married to Caroline Reichert. My mother, Caroline Reichert, was born on the 22nd day of May 1855 at Watertown Wis. She was the daughter of John and Louise Reichert nee Hauswirth. Louise Hauswirth Reichert was also born at Watertown Wis. John Reichert was born at Yahrlinger(???) Baden about 1822.

Emily circa 1900
Emily circa 1900
The marriage of David Barbaras and Caroline Reichert Barbaras was blessed with five children, one of them passing away as a very small boy at the age of four years. The children are as follows: Louise, Charles (dead), Emily, Harry, and Arthur. After the birth of her fifth child, Caroline Reichert Barbaras passed away at the age of 34 years, on the 9th day of November in 1889.

David Barbaras remained a widower a few months and then made the acquaintance of a young widow by the name of Mrs. Emilie Kosack Doerschlag. Their courtship was very short-lived as on the 1st day of February they were married. The marriage of David Barbaras and Emilie Kosack Doerschlag was a happy one. There were three more children born to them, one passing away in infancy, they are as follows: Frieda, Laura, John (dead), and Frederick Otto.

Emilie Kosack Doerschlag was the daughter of Frederick and Ulrica(???) Kosack nee Munch(???) and was born on the 24th day of May 1857 in a small town in Germany. She came to this country at the age of 22 years as the bride of a young man named Max Doerschlag, in 1879. Their marriage was a happy but short-lived one, as after about ten years of love and happiness Mr. Doerschlag died after a long and severe illness, this was on the 20th of February 1889 at the age of 34 years. There were no children of this marriage. Emilie Kosack Doerschlag Barbaras and David Barbaras lived 40 years in joy and sorrow, when on the 13th day of October 1928 she had a stroke of paralysis, of which she suffered until the 19th of February 1930, when she fell asleep, never to awake again. (Pa was 78 years old when mother died) [ed.: note in margin].

Having reached the age of 72 years, at the present date David Barbaras is looking forward to celebrating his 85th birthday this coming Oct 3. (We had a grand time when Pa was 80) [ed.: note in margin].

David Barbaras celebrated his 86th birthday with all his children present.

Oct 3, 1939- David Barbaras celebrated his 87th birthday with all his children present.

Oct 4, 1940- Another year has passed and David Barbaras enjoyed his 88th birthday with all his children present.

Oct 4, 1941- David Barbaras has had another birthday celebration, his 89th with most of his children, grandchildren, and children by law(???) present, he is just a little weary now and as I grasped his hand to wish him a Happy Birthday, he said "Well, Emily, this is the last one now.". He held my hand exceptionally long and very tight, which startled me. I hope I'll be able to enter his 90th birthday here.

Oct 3, 1942- Here it is, grandpa's birthday again and a very lovely day it is. I went over to his house early this morning to congratulate him on his 90th birthday and was met with a surprise of my life, after all these years all of us were under the impression grandpa was born in the year of 1852, which would make him just 90 years old today. However, when through the course of our conversation I mentioned he being born in the year of 1852, he became very excited and answered very quickly and very precisely he was born Oct. 3 1851, which of course just left me very puzzled. So is it to be 1852 or is it to be 1851? Records seem to favor 1851 [ed.: correct].

Oct 3, 1943- Well, here it is grandpa's birthday again and he is 92 years old. We went over this P.M. and congratulated him. He seemed unusually bright today and talked a little more than usual. He tried to show me how well he could raise his injured arm, but wasn't very successful so he used his good hand to raise the injured one up, just a very little bit.

March 5, 1944 - Well, this is the last chapter of our dear father who went to sleep today, Sunday, March 5, 1944 at 6:40 PM, never to wake again. He didn't suffer much, so the doctor says, yet it was not a very pleasant sight to see him gasping for air.

He was laid to rest on his beloved Wanderer's Rest cemetery lot on Wed. March 8th at 2:30 P.M. He was laid out at Gerber's Funeral Home at 13th & W. Juneau and the services were under the auspices Aurora Lodge I.O.O.F, an organization he was a member of for nearly 65 years. May our Dear Lord rest his soul in Peace.
The End

Record of David Barbaras
This biography was written in 1938 by Emily Haas
He became a naturalized citizen Oct 21, 1880 having taken out his first papers Oct 30, 1876.
Born October 3rd 1852 [ed.: later crossed out and changed to 1851] at Alsace Lorraine. At the age of 20 years [ed.: 21] in 1872 he came to these United States and stayed at New York for a short time. From there he went to Philadelphia and then to Chicago where he started his first work in his new country, at Downer & Bemis Brewing Company. From Philadelphia and Chicago he came to Milwaukee and worked at the Valentine Blatz Brewing Co. He then went to Minneapolis and worked at the Minneapolis Brewing Co., then he came back to Milwaukee and again worked at the Val. Blatz Brewing Co. and on the 27th day of May 1875 he started to work at the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. and after giving 45 years of his life to the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company, he finally retired in the early spring of 1920, at the age of 69 years, to a much earned rest.

Family Record of Andrew J. Haas

Andrew John Haas: born June 28, 1879
Emily Mary Haas, nee Barbaras:
Born: Oct 10, 1883
Married August 22, 1908 by Reverend John Fleur of Friedius (???) Church
A son - Harold Franklyn Haas was born Sept. 26, 1909
A daughter- Lorraine Carolyn Haas was born April 2, 1919