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Transcription of the Official Record of the 1896 Marriage of David Barbaras and Emilie Doerschleg
FROM: Milwaukee County Register of Deeds- Marriages, Vol. 22, page 66
1. Full name of husbandDavid Barbaras
2. Full name of father of husband John Barbaras (ed. see name equivalents)
3. Full name of mother of husband before marriage Magdelena Specht (ed. see name equivalents)
4. Occupation of husbandBrewer
5. Residence of husbandMilwaukee
6. Birthplace of husbandGermany
7. Full name of wife previous to marriageEmilie Doerschleg
8. Full name of the father of wifeillegible
9. Full name of the mother of wife, before marriageillegible
10. Birthplace of wifeGermany
11. Time marriage was contractedFeb 1, 1896
12. Place or town, and count where marriage was contractedMilwaukee
13. The color of the partiesWhite
14. By what ceremony contractedlegal
15. Names of subscribing witnessesillegible
16. Name of person pronouncing marriageNicholas Treis
17. Residence of person last namedMilwaukee
18. Date of certificate or affidavit of marriageFeb 1, 1896
19. Date of registrationMar 5, 1896