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Transcription of the Official Record of the 1879 Marriage of David Barbaras and Caroline Reichert
FROM: Milwaukee County Register of Deeds- Marriages, Vol. 14, page 393

1. Date of Registration April 14th 1879
2. The color White
3. Full name of husband David Barbaras
4. Full name of wife previous to marriage Lina Reichert
5. Occupation of husband Brewer
6. Residence of husband City of Milwaukee
7. Birthplace of husband Alsace, France
8. Where the marriage was contracted Milwaukee
9. Time marriage was contracted March 1st, 1879
10. By what ceremony contracted Judiciary
11. Name of person pronouncing marriage Chas. C. Rattinger
12. Residence of person last named Milwaukee
13. Names of subscribing witnesses Gustav Figge [ed. He was a brewer living at 596 5th St.]
Heinrich Schneider [ed. Presumbly Henry Schneider, a brewer living at 693 Broadway]
14. Date of certificate of marriage March 1st, 1879
15. Name of the father of husband John Barbaras (ed. see name equivalents)
16. Name of the mother of husband Maria Barbaras (ed. see name equivalents)
17. Name of the father of wife John Reichert
18. Name of the mother of wife Franziska Reichert